Gee it’s been awhile since I wrote anything here, huh? I guess by the time I got back from vacation I needed to catch up on so many things that I sort of lost track. There was a ton of work stuff to get to, there was spending some time with my wife, there was fixing up the laptop since the drive crashed the day before I left and I just sort of threw together a quick install to have something to work with on the road, there was the Irish Festival, a bunch of emails and everything else that comes with being gone for a little while.

The trip was good, got to spend a lot of time playing with the cameras and seeing some amazing scenery. I got to see my friend, Steve, who I haven’t seen in something like 5 years. It was a pretty good reminder of just how much has changed for me over that time. How different I am now, what with being healthier and happier. 😉

Lastly I think it was good because in some ways, it laid to rest some ghosts. It allowed me to enjoy spending time with someone who has been a good friend in the past and not have to feel guilty because I’ve changed so much and my interests have changed so much that we no longer have anything in common. That’s been my experience in most cases when it comes to people I used to go to church with, now that I recognize how much being that involved in the church actually contributed to my illness more than it helped (by allowing me to think that being just like these people would make me happy somehow), we have nothing in common and I mostly just make them uncomfortable. Being with Steve wasn’t like that. We still actually do have some things in common and can still relate and enjoy seeing each other. I’m glad for that.

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