The problems of the world

Just some random thoughts about “victimization” on a Friday afternoon..

Being victimized as a child isn’t really a valid excuse for your behavior as an adult. Yes it’s true we all have issues, but we all also have a responsibility to work at overcoming them, instead of using them as an excuse for our own poor behavior.

Every bad or uncomfortable thing that life brings you is not about you being victimized. Life is just that way, no one will protect you from every bad thing, nor should anyone. Unpleasant events are part of life, trying to hide from them is unhealthy and will only keep you from experiencing life in it’s fullest.

Why does it seem sometimes as though the world has become preoccupied with victim’s? Everyone wants to prove that their more of a victim than you are, or their particular group deserves more pity or attention for their suffering than others? Wait, I know the answer to that, there $$$ in being part of a victimized group, isn’t there? That doesn’t make it good to spend your whole life focused on the wrongs you’ve suffered instead of trying your best to overcome them.

“The best revenge is living well”. I don’t remember who said it, but it’s most definitely true. The best way to get even with all those people who shunned you for talking openly about being abused is to live a happy life without them.

Live well this weekend…

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