Breaking out of the winter doldrums

This probably happens every year, but this year I really started noticing it. I started feeling anti-social, grumpy, just plain out of it. I think a large part of that is winter. When it gets as cold and snowy as it has been around here lately, my life consists of going to work, and then going home. I don’t necessarily have to interact with anyone at work most days, and then when I’m home I interact with my wife, but that’s really it. So I decided to start to do something about it. Saturday, thanks to my wife’s great idea to get out, we went to the Conservatory, which was a nice way to get out and do something without being in the cold! That helped, but now it’s up to me to keep myself from getting back in the doldrums. So today I’m having lunch with an old friend of mine, I’m making plans to get together with another friend after work next week, and Angela and I are going to take a trip to DC next weekend.

All that should put me in a better place emotionally!

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  1. The winter months can be a challenge, that’s for sure. I’ve been aching for a sunny day for weeks! Glad to hear that you had a nice day out. Hope you keep in good spirits.

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