Washington, DC

We spent the three day weekend in Washington DC. It was a nice getaway for us, a chance to explore the city, the museums, the memorials, etc. We took a bunch of pictures, I’m sure we’ll have some online later this week or so.

One thing we didn’t take any pictures of was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. There are rules against taking pictures in most of the permanent exhibits, but even in the parts where they are allowed, like the Hall of Remembrance, I didn’t want to take any. There was no way a picture of that hall, or of the eternal flame buring there, could capture the feeling and attitude that going all the way through the exhibit and then coming out there gives you. We each lit a candle, quietly walked by the flame, read the inscriptions and walked out. If you want to see what the hall looks like, go through the exhibit yourself, and then see it for all it really is.

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  1. Mike,

    Thanks for honoring my family members who were tragically murdered during the horrible years of the Holocaust.

    Last summer, when I visited the museum, I found the experience quite powerful, even though I have been to other museums and I know a lot about those painful years.


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