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If you read my other blog, you probably already know about the good news of my new job. While I’m certainly really excited about the possibilities this new position will offer, I’m also a little bit nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone, again, and into something completely new. It’s only been about a year and a half since I started working at this firm, and I’ve gotten comfortable at the help desk. Now I’m really starting that whole process again, complete with all the insecurity, uneasiness, stress, and everything else that goes with a new job.

I comfort myself in the knowledge that I felt completely overwhelmed when I started this job and, eventually, got over that enough to be good at it. Hopefully, I can do it again!

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting and will certainly give me plenty to blog about, in both places!

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  1. Mike

    Major congratulations Mike, changing a job that quickly is a lot better than becoming part of the furniture in a workplace and then it’s harder to leave when you settle – and in some of my previous jobs, sometimes settle for less. You don’t need luck, you have done it before, so rinse and repeat.

  2. Hello Mike,

    Congratulations on your new position at work…it’s always makes everyone interesting to work in the same firm but different position…all the best…Oh yeah I am a new reader of your blog …saw this post so wanted to congratulate first …then now Hi…

    Health Watch Center.

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