Another full Weekend

I’ve been off-line all weekend, and a bit behind on responding to emails and what not. My brother got married yesterday, which always makes for a hectic time, between the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and the wedding going late into the evening on Saturday, leaving us with only Sunday to run errands and spend some time with the wife.

It was a lovely wedding, and I’m happy for my brother, and my new sister in law. I think he made a good choice, she’s a great girl.

Even with all the errands today though, it was too nice a day to not spend some time outside. We took a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Naturally, I had the camera with me, and spent some time experimenting with some settings, getting a few photos like the one below. I believe I’ve talked many times about how being a bit creative with photography is very enjoyable, and somewhat therapeutic for me. So, in that sense, doing this today was the perfect ending to a weekend spent interacting with all of my family. 🙂


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  1. It’s very strange to look at annual events from a pre- and post disclosure point of view, I read about last year’s Carnival against Child Abuse in the archives of this blog, and now, six months after disclosure and four months since therapy started, here’s another one. I took the next step to actually look at the site this time round and it’s really well put together. If it helps raise awareness, great, though I’m not sure what I can do from the UK other than link to it where I think it’s useful.

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