After spending the weekend at the in-laws for the Thanksgiving holiday, we have returned home, and as is our yearly tradition, Angela and I will make a list of the things we are thankful for. This year my list will be topped off by my health, mental and physical. It’s the top because I know that nothing else that I have to be thankful for would even be possible if I hadn’t managed to get healthy and start to live my life after surviving the abuse and dealing with some of the issues that followed me into adulthood, especially the manic depression. 🙂

After that, of course, I’ll be thankful for the love and life that I share with my wonderful wife, and after this weekend of being pampered by my in-laws, I might just have to be pretty thankful for the good relationship I have with them. It would be pretty hard to have better in-laws than I do in Angela’s parents.

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