This weekend is my wife and my’s sixth anniversary. As it approaches I’ve been thinking quite a bit about marriage and priorities. I’ve been thinking about the fact that I feel somewhat out of touch with my wife right now. Part of that is because we’ve both been dealing with a lot of things. Her…

Looking for Links

Since the wife’s job has her out of town this weekend, I’m taking advantage of the down time to do some much needed updating of this site. Update one was cleaning out some of the dead links in the blogroll. It’s quite a bit shorter now. Given that, there’s some room for new links. I’ll…

Survivors or Addicts?

Recently, I had an email exchange with another survivor who had been spending some time in online forums for survivors, and running into a bit of a roadblock. Unfortunately, it was a roadblock I’ve seen in some online forums before, and is one I’ve the reasons I don’t spend that much time there any more….