This weekend is my wife and my’s sixth anniversary. As it approaches I’ve been thinking quite a bit about marriage and priorities. I’ve been thinking about the fact that I feel somewhat out of touch with my wife right now. Part of that is because we’ve both been dealing with a lot of things. Her work is right smack in the middle of their busiest time of year, I’ve been taking on more and more new projects with the new position and trying to get up to speed as much as possible.

For all the good things that I’ve been experiencing in the last few months, it all pales in comparison to having my wife to share them with. Without that, the rest of these things just aren’t the same. With that in mind, I need, this weekend, to make a concentrated effort to work on being a good husband, and nothing else. It’s time to reconnect with my wife, to spend some time simply enjoying each other’s company, relaxing, doing the things we enjoy, and just generally being attentive to each other, instead of paying attention to all the other things that seem to distract us from that.

There’s plenty of time to work at improving myself in all areas of life, and I have no intention of ever stopping trying to improve in any of them, but I need to get back to focusing on improving myself as a husband first and foremost. I’ve been guilty of letting that work take second fiddle to other things for too long. It shouldn’t be second to anything.

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