Sometimes, things really do just happen

I talked recently about how little other people typically think about you, and how that should be a freeing things. Also, just how difficult it can be to accept that because, let’s face it, we all see the world through our own perspective, and that perspective is utterly and completely focused on ourselves. So, it’s easy to begin to question what we’ve done or not done when a friend doesn’t respond the way we think they should.

Case in point, recently I had sent a couple of emails to a good friend of mine, and gotten no response at all. One of them even included a very simple question that didn’t require more than a yes or no answer, yet there was none forthcoming.

I actually did start to wonder what I had done or said to her that caused her to try and avoid me like this. We’ve been friends for years, and I was worried that maybe something had happened to suddenly make her uncomfortable with me.

I shrugged these concerns off and tried to continue on like normal, but it still left me wondering.

Turns out, her workplace email system had flagged my messages as spam, and she didn’t even see them until a few days or a week after I had sent them. There was no conflict, no nothing, just someone who was going about their days not really thinking about checking her spam folders for emails from people she hadn’t heard from lately.

So you see, sometimes, people aren’t trying to avoid you, they really are busy, or really don’t get your message. It happens, lighten up. 🙂

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