I hate it, but it’s done

Going to the doctor. I hate it. I’ll do just about anything to avoid it. Especially if I’m going to have tests done. Tests that might tell me that there’s somthing wrong, etc.

So a few weeks agao, after having pain in my knee for a couple of weeks, I went to find out why. Turned out to be a small case of tendonitis. No big deal. But while I was there we talked about the fact that I turned 40 over the Summer, and that it was time to think about having tests for diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

Monday was the return visit to draw blood. I really don’t enjoy that. *L*

In the mean time, I waited for the results. I wasn’t really nervous, but as any survivor will tell you, waiting for results with no ability to do anything about it, sucks. It’s not one of our strong suits. Neither is convincing yourself to not worry. I worried a little bit, and the longer I waited, the more I worried. This is why I don’t go to doctors. Part of me would rather just not know.

As it turns out, the tests came back fine, and there’s nothing to worry about. The doctor wants me to lose some weight, which is no real surprise, and with my wife’s help, that’s the goal for now. I’ll get more details on the exact results in the mail soon.

So, I guess I worried about nothing, but I bet the next time, I still worry just as much. It’s my nature. 🙂

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  1. Trying to get caught up around the blogosphere. It’s going slow.

    I can so relate to this post, though, Mike. I had blood drawn recently for a bunch of hormonal stuff. Man, it stinks getting old. (I’m older than you, BTW.) 😉

  2. For 12 years ive been abused by my parents. physically and emotionally, I endured tramatic experiences I get a liberating sensation when I think of all the hardships Ive overcome. What Ive been through does’nt make me a victim because ive gained who i am i gained self respect. Ive gained a voice a voice that was so gone but now can be set free to help people going through the same experiences I have or close to. Im 15 years old and my birthday is in 4 days I will be 16 in november. For as long as I can remember both of my parents are mentally ill. Ive been both manipulated by them, stolen from and abused by them. They taught me what not to become once i become a parent and my mother showed me what not to settle for without even saying it she showed me what not to become my father showed me what not to find in a man what type of man i would never want for me or my children. I have a adult mindset because ive raised myself because my parents couldnt. they are the best mistake ive ever had

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