Blogging as Cure for Feeling Alone

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I really enjoyed seeing Sarah’s “Thank You” post today. I loved what she had to say about how has helped her.:

Blogging. It’s broken the aloneness. I’ve kept silent for so long. Afraid to tell the awful things that happened. Afraid to speak. So I write. Here I can say it.

I have said similar things many, many times here as well. Finding and connecting with fellow made all the difference for me. Just knowing that I wasn’t alone was absolutely huge. I’m glad it’s been the same experience for Sarah!

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  1. colleen
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    Thanks for your post. I read Sarah’s post and it was very good. I too agree. This blogging community is so supportive. We all need to know that we are not alone. Makes all the difference.

  2. Abuse survivors today have so much more acknowledgement and support than when I first started looking at my issues in the 1970’s. I am so thankful to have the blogging community that we do today. Mike, thanks for being part of that community.

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