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Roll With The Changes

I’m borrowing some of this from my other blog, but if you’ve seen it, we use a different ending here. 😉

Last weekend, the wife and I set out to explore the area where we live in South Carolina. When we left the house, it was warm and mostly overcast. On the 25-minute journey up to Table Rock State Park, we drove through a bit of a shower, but it had stopped raining by the time we ventured into the park, so we decided to do a little hiking on the creek-side trail.

Waterfall at the start of the creek trailPin

Along the way, the rain started again, just a little bit. The humidity picked up some and dissipated, and the gray day gave way to some pretty sunshine and a great sunset.

Table Rock from Visitors CenterPin


As a photographer, the changing conditions could be a bit of a challenge, but what are you going to do? Give up and stay home? Nope. We kept hiking on and tried to keep the rain drops off the camera lens. (Not to mention trying not to slip and fall into the creek with my camera in hand!) We were rewarded with a beautiful sunset over the lake before heading home again.

This is also an interesting metaphor for healing. Sometimes, the path you start on changes mid-hike, and you have to adjust to new conditions you hadn’t planned for. Healing is never a straight road. It’s full of changing conditions, unforeseen obstacles, and more ups and downs than any mountain hike you could take in one day! That can be a challenge, but if you roll with the changes and keep persevering on the path you’ve set for yourself, you may find some rewarding views on your way and some joy at the end of the trek.

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  1. You’ve used a different ending on this blog post? Is it the Special Edition, perhaps in 3D? 😀

    1. Ha ha, I did the alternate ending, but passed on the 3D version, though I will retain the right to add CGI affects later if they help it fit seemlessly with the narrative that I rewrite in the prequel, or if I just want silly scenes with music. (Can you tell I just watched the re-release of Return of the Jedi last night?)

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