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With April being Child Abuse Prevention Month, and groups trying to raise awareness of child abuse all month I wanted to try and highlight some lesser known activities you might be able to help out with this month. Obviously, there’s no way I can possibly make an all-inclusive list, but look for a few throughout the month.

One such group contacted me last week. Advocates for Youth Efficacy works to connect young people with opportunities to get involved in their communities. This month they are running the “1 in Too” Campaign to “raise both awareness and support for victims of all forms of child abuse.” They are aiming to get youth involved in raising awareness and help out in any way they can in the fight against child abuse.

You can learn more at the video below

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  1. I read another article today that 50% of the child abuse websites in the world are US based and the primary reason is that police agencies move slowly to collect evidence. Therefore at least for a short time, government agencies knowingly allow abuse to go on. And this is the most responsive of cases–I’m thinking of cases where people are reluctant to ask questions because friends, family, or community organizations may be involved. I do not know — but the ongoing prevalence in USA, suggests to me that some portion of the population is programmed genetically to do horrible things. I do agree that more awareness is needed, but the guilty to seem to be in every nook of society–even police, judges, and most certainly lawyers. And this is sexual and violence type of abuse. But the mental type of abuse is still an emerging area. I think the majority of the population goes through some type of traumatic abuse and statistics far underestimate the victims. I don’t lessen the terrible nature of sexual child abuse, but with divorce at 50% rates, parental alienation is screwing up many many children. http://solanofamilycourt.com/?p=169 I personally think that the anti-social nature of society (don’t even know your neighbor) as in California will continue to be the trend and people simply protect themselves by isolation.

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