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You Are Not Good At Predictions

One of the common statements I hear from survivors who are losing hope is that “things are never going to change”. They assume that because they are struggling, and have been struggling, that they always will.

Well if you feel that way, you might be reassured to know that even the general population is pretty terrible at anticipating how much change is going to occur in the next 10 years, let alone for the rest of their lifetime.

Since the human race, in general, can’t see change coming, perhaps those of us who have developed a negative outlook due to childhood events would do well to remember that we are probably even worse than the average person in anticipating how things are going to change for the better. Given that we are very likely the worst prognosticators of change, maybe we should hold off on making decisions because we don’t think things are going to change.

After all, if you think things are never going to change, and you choose to give up, you’ll be correct. Things won’t change, not because change doesn’t happen, but because you chose to stop making any positive changes in your life. Change happens all around us, and inside of us, every single day. We are just not very good at predicting it, or seeing it as it happens. Instead of giving in to that weakness and letting it define you, why not try to have a little faith, and try opening your eyes to the changes you have already seen in your life, or those around you? Let that be your guide as to whether change is possible.

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