Quick Thought Number 1 – Scars

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I’ve decided to start something new which I am calling quick thoughts. The idea behind quick thoughts is a new category of blog posts that are, in essence, things that have occurred in my head or around me that I want to share, but not write lengthy blog posts about.

The first one comes to me via my wife.

Recently, while waiting on our drinks at a local coffee shop, we both noticed a middle-aged woman who had clearly been injured in a fire at some point. She had scars from burns on her face and arms, yet here she was wearing a tank top and going about her day.

As we walked back to the car my wife said to me. “You know, I looked at her and immediately thought what a brave, strong, and resilient woman. But then I thought of all the brave, strong, resilient people dealing with mental health issues who we don’t recognize.”

Physical scars are a sign that a person has overcome some difficulty. Mental and emotional scars aren’t visible in the same way, but the strength and resiliency are there just as much.

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