How Do We Get Out of the Advocacy Bubble?

How Do We Get Out of the Advocacy Bubble?

If what I do sounds descriptive of how you live your own online life, than let me challenge you. Find a post that resonates with you, on either blog, and share it with your network. Or, share this post with a personal note about how child abuse, or mental illness, has touched your life with your network. Not just with the folks you already interact with about these topics, but outside of that.

And then continue to look for ways to reach beyond the bubble of the online survivor community. Because there are survivors and people dealing with mental health problems all around us, and there are also those who remain uneducated about those topics all around us as well.

Using Tags

Thanks to my discovery of Simple Tags recently, a WordPress plugin that helps you add tags to old posts, I’ve been doing just that on this blog. Now, what that means to you might not be much, but it allows me to have another way to present the content here to you. Initially, I had…

Healthy Place Looking for Mental Health Bloggers

The Healthy Place website is looking for some freelancers to work on mental health blogs over on their site. Like they say on the tv show America’s Got Talent: “So you think you have talent?” If so, we hope you’ll consider blogging for us. We are looking for mental health bloggers (paid freelance positions) in…