Exercise update

I was reminded by seeing the throw-away remark by Robert Scoble in a long post about the need to get some excercise to help deal with stress, that I haven’t really discussed our exercise plan here lately. So, by way of an open letter to Scoble, here’s an update:


I’ve been talking with someone about the topic of being touched in public, or by various people. I’m somewhat fascinated by what other people’s feelings are on the subject. I’m very uncomfortable being touched by all but a few people in the world, and I’ve slways assumed that’s because of the abuse. That short list…

Follow up

I told you earlier about my wife getting a gift certificate for a professional massage and the way the have to deal with victims of abuse and rape often. Well last night was my appointment and I’m happy to report that it was pretty cool.


Hope your Christmas was good. Ours was actually pretty nice. It didn’t used to be this way. Christmas growing up was about getting presents, obviously, but it was also very stressful, never knowing where the family fights were going to start, what sort of snide comments were going to be made about you, etc. I…