Kids are Safer Online Than You Think

A new study is telling us that things aren’t nearly as dangerous for children online, and that there’s no magic bit of technology that keeps them safe. In fact, it takes good parenting just as much as anything!

The new report suggests that online threats that we fear most are not as prevalent as TV shows and sweeps-week news stories would have us believe. The biggest threats to children online are not sexual solicitation or harassment, but plain old bullying, most often by their peers or other kids they know from school.

…The new report also found that children are not equally at risk online:

Those who are most at risk often engage in risky behaviors and have difficulties in other parts of their lives. The psychosocial makeup of and family dynamics surrounding particular minors are better predictors of risk than the use of specific media or technologies.

In other words, stop blaming the Internet. Being a good and responsible parent is more important than whether your child has ever used IM or surfs the web.

I really couldn’t agree more. This fits in to what I’ve always thought, the internet hasn’t changed anything, there are dangers to kids everywhere, but all kids can limit those dangers when they are provided the skills to keep themselves safe, by good parents! Nothing will keep kids 100% safe, but good parenting goes a long way!

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