UK CSA TV Schedule

This week sees multiple UK TV programmes about child sexual abuse; the review of one drama will follow shortly, but here are the rest;

Tuesday 29th September, 22.35 (1hr), ITV1: To Catch A Paedophile (Part 2).

This documentary follows London’s Metropolitan Police’s as they attempt to catch sex offenders in London and the general South Eastern area of England. Considering the transmission time, we have to hope for an early re-run if the rights mean that the programme may not be available on ITV’s online catchup website. If there is, we’ll let you know.

Thursday 1st October, 21.00 (1hr), Channel 4: Captive For 18 Years – The Jaycee Lee Story.

This will be the UK’s first indepth examination of the widely reported case from California. Since the Cutting Edge documentary strand is 25 years old, it will hopefully avoid sensationalism, coming so soon after the arrest but before any trial of the kidnapper.

Thursday 1st October, 21.00 (1hr), BBC3 :Kids for Sale: Stacey Dooley Investigates (Part 1)

The presenter was initially sent overseas to see how children were exploited in the making of cheap fashion clothing sold in the UK. Now, she travels from India to Nepal to investigate child labour again and the abuse and wilful abandonment that occurs. The fact that it clashes with the Cutting Edge documentary should not be a problem, due to the established BBC iPlayer where the documentary should be available for at least one week, not to mention any broadcast re-run.


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