BBC Documentary tackles Abuse Prevention-led Criminal Record Checks

In the UK we had a system known as the Criminal Records Bureau, or CRB, for ensuring that adults working with children and vulnerable adults neither possess a criminal record nor had they changed their names to avoid disclosure to prospective employers.

This system was due to be replaced by a much wider-reaching checking system which would have required parents driving their children to school to be registered. The BBC’s documentary strand Panorama featured the fallout from this decision, which was thankfully defeated by common sense and legal adjustment, at the end of last year. We’re recommending it because one of the BBC’s sports commentators, Brian Moore, survived child sexual abuse from his teacher and updated his existing auto/biography, which we shall review at a later date.

The documentary can be viewed generally until the following week, 8pm Monday 16th Feburary, but the sign language repeat of the show may keep it there for longer. If you’re British, then catch it as soon as possible. Rather than a direct link, this one will take you to Panorama’s listed set of episodes to view. When that link goes, if anyone has linked the show on Youtube we’ll update you with the new address.


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