Suicide in the News

With all of the celebrity suicides in the news recently, John Grohol took advantage of the uptick in people looking for information about suicide and untreated depression to give a brief glimpse into the risk among young adults, and some of the warning signs to look for in this post today. I’m copying the important bullet points under how you can help, but read the whole thing to truly get all the information:

Every single day, another 11 young adults will choose death by suicide.

What You Can Do To Help

It’s important to recognize the warning signs of a teen or young adult who may be thinking about suicide:

  • Talking about suicide or death or “going away”
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or guilty
  • Pulling away from friends or family
  • Losing the desire to take part in normal activities
  • Having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
  • Exhibiting lots of self-destructive behavior (drinking alcohol, driving too fast)
  • Giving away prized possessions or their stuff
  • Big changes in their eating or sleeping habits

Experts recommend that, if you’re an adult in a teen’s or young adult’s life, to stay involved:

  • Watch and listen for warning signs
  • Keep lines of communication open and express your concern, support and love
  • If your teen doesn’t want to talk, suggest a more neutral person such as a relative, clergy member, counselor or doctor
  • Ask questions, even tough ones, such as if he or she has had thoughts of suicide
  • Get psychological help if your child is thinking about suicide
  • If your teen is in a crisis situation, your emergency room can conduct an evaluation and refer you to resources
  • Make sure you keep an appointment with a professional — even if your teen says he or she is feeling better

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