Review: CSI Vegas: Lost And Found (2010, US)

Note: This episode is from the last complete season and the first half of the plot is discussed below.

In order to shake up the franchise right before the end of season two-parter, CSI takes one of its traditional two cases, a drink-driving car wreck and almost wraps it up in the teaser. Then it concentrates on the second case which has gone cold rather than having just happened in real time, even though the central character from the cold case was hit by the car.

As she recovers from being clipped by the car, we learn that her family was carjacked, with one of her children presumed dead due to the condition of the abandoned car. The evidence review bears this story out although her status as a suspect has never gone away, not even when she roams the same section of highway where the alleged kidnap occurred three years in the past.

Once the CSI team takes another look at the house there’s no good news for the mother. The episode harks back to If These Walls Could Talk from season 1 but unlike the older story it also doesn’t end with the shock point, though it’s a slight American TV cliché in response to something the audience already know but which hadn’t been communicated properly to all the characters.

Once the twists and turns come to the conclusion we get a story with no happy endings for anyone and essentially, a second very quickly wrapped-up new case for the team, with unresolved plot strands and no giftwrapped ending in the same style as Death and the Maiden from earlier in Season 10. Writers Corinne Marrinan with Richard J Lewis (and exec creator credits) do just as well as Death and The Maiden writer Jacqueline Hoyt, in keeping you guessing. Therefore it’s more realistic than the season 1 story by giving us an aftermath, showing how the series has grown up and moved on, aware of its audience reach of nearly 20 million viewers and aware of its duty to handle child kidnappings/murders sensitively.

If you’re a CSI fan you’ve already watched it but if not, I’ve deliberately left the spoilers out. See it as soon as possible and make up your own mind.


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