Barnardo’s New Report and Internal UK Child Trafficking Warning

It’s been two days since Anne Marie Carrie, the new Chief Executive of the long standing UK charity Barnado’s sounded the warning about internal child trafficking in the UK for child abuse purposes. As usual, the media have moved on to other things, leaving interested parties to read their 30-page official report.

You can find that on Barnardo’s campaign page here. The report’s title is “Puppet On A String” if searching after it falls from the top of the list of articles.

The general BBC coverage is collected in the following search crawl here as the interviews and announcements were broken up rather than having the usual long article. If the search ever fails to work, Enter Barnado’s in the search box at the top of the BBC News front page.  The fact that the new Chief Executive had to correct the idiotic BBC interviewer twice about both boys and girls being abused has of course been conveniently edited out.


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