Barnardos Campaign starts 3rd November from 8pm UK time

UK TV Channel 4 has already screened a mini-teaser letting people know about the launch time for the promo, because the campaign revolves around “Michael’s Story”. Being November, the annual Children in Need campaign on BBC television and the Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal of the Royal British Legion will attract a lot more attention and money and crowd out other charities in the same sector across nearly the whole month. In that case it’s understandable that Barnardo’s would want something that would remain relevant ahead of these giants and keep them in mind for donations, especially since homelessness charities would then swing back around in the public’s mind for December.

The charity wants to create feedback and discussion from the ad, so to take part, sign in to Facebook, or just use the following link


and sign in when prompted to Like Barnardos and see the page. Channel 4 plans to screen the ad between 8pm and 9pm, so you’ll have to start watching between the end of the news around 7.55pm and the whole show Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare between 8 and 9 to catch it. We hope that post-premiere, the charity will just host the ad on their site and/or Facebook page as well, including any expanded information about Michael whom we assume is played by an actor in the ad.


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