Coppers Series 2 (2012, UK)

The first series of Coppers was excellent and worthy of awards. It gave a fly-on-the-wall view of modern English policing with pieces to camera from the officers themselves. Unfortunately the programme makers decided to adopt a joking tone for the start of its second series in the style of highly edited reality show programmes from the same TV Channel.
Thankfully the humourous tone is completely dropped midway through the debut episode of the second series as the police team in Nottingham, England catch and process a paedophile including his phone call. It’s not clear whether this is connected to any of the stories we linked last year, but we can only assume the confession stopped the perpetrator’s identity from being concealed.  If you’ve missed it on its original transmission on Monday 9th January then it can be viewed at Channel 4’s on-demand website, now available for 30 days through your Xbox 360 console subject to rights, or search Coppers on Youtube and follow the Channel 4-related links which are currently ranked by episode title.


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