Jerry Sandusky Convicted, Gets Life for serial CSA against 10 boys

Overnight UK time, The infamous Jerry Sandusky, former coach at Penn State, was found guilty of 45 of the 48 serial child sexual abuse charges against the boys he was scouting and training for the college.

One of Sandusky’s children also disclosed during the course of the trial but was not put forward as a witness and the jury deliberations totalled almost a whole day before Sandusky was found guilty on all counts.

Sentencing is a formality since he could be handed over 40 life sentences in a month’s time. That makes it highly unlikely he will ever be released. We’ll have to see if this marks the first proper milestone in America taking male child abuse seriously. The Guardian’s article is here but Google News will have the rest of the multiple viewpoints on the overall Penn State story as other staff face charges on failing to progress internal reports on Sandusky to the authorities.


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