Malcolm Gladwell on Sandusky and How Molesters Get Away With It

From the New Yorker website, you can read a lengthy, but well-researched, look at how pedophiles not only groom children, but groom the adults around those children. Much of the article focuses on the Penn State situation, but there are mentions of other pedophiles and how they managed to be believable and part of the social fabric, gaining the trust, and benefit of the doubt that pedophiles need.

One of the biggest thoughts I had after reading the article is that the best way to protect children is not what we currently do. Pedophiles generally look for vulnerable kids, with uninvolved parents, who will not tell, or not be believed if they did tell. Raising kids who are unafraid to tell, don’t come across as vulnerable, and have a decent sense of themselves, and proper boundaries, goes a long, long way. Instead, we spend all of our time trying to find the monsters and keep them away from our kids, as if pedophiles haven’t perfected the art of fooling us into not seeing them as monsters.

Take the time to read the whole article.

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