Missing UK Teen and Teacher Will Appear on UK Crimewatch TV Show

It’s almost a week since teenager Megan Stammers, 15 and her 30 year old teacher Jeremy Forrest failed to use return tickets on a French ferry and the alarm was raised. Since then it has emerged that there have been three other major abuse incidents at the same school, at least one of which also involved a teacher and on that occasion, two teenage girls. This case had also been reported and the “couple’s” mobile phones had been siezed by British police, while French police view the case as a missing persons matter due to the teen voluntarily leaving with Forrest, rather than a kidnapping which would have triggered the full resources of Interpol. As such, the pair could easily have left France by now and be anywhere.

The case is due to appear on the BBC’s national Crimewatch programme at 9pm on 27th September, with expected clips through the iPlayer website. The general story is here with the older news in the usual places on the page.


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