Savile Victims Hit 500, Various Authorities Report Sharp Increase In Past and Present Disclosures

The number of disclosed victims to the Jimmy Savile police investigation reached 450 on 12th December 2012, the day after investigating officers thought they had essentially completed the enquiries into Savile’s crimes following a report of one victim on the indpendent UK Island of Guernsey. The BBC had that story here and news of a 200% corresponding increase in call traffic to the NSPCC in the video report here on Friday 14th December when the number of victims attributed to Savile hit 500, and other historical abuse related reports were also up 300% to the Metropolitan Police Force. The Child Explotation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) also noted a 30% year on year increase in reports.

Searching on Savile at the BBC’s News site will give access to the rest of the available video clips.

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