UK Prime Minister Orders Reinvestigation Of Wales Child Care Home CSA Scandal

British Prime Minister David Cameron broke off from a visit to the Middle East and announced a full and wide-reaching enquiry into the initial handling of Welsh care home scandals dating back to the 1970s. This follows just one day after the re-interviewing of Stephen Messham who previously gave inquiry evidence that was 30% censored for the abuse that took place outside of the care homes by people not working in them or for the council authorities in an earlier story. Since one of those external offenders is alleged to be a high ranking Conservative politician from the 1980s the PM had no option but the answer Mr Messham’s demand for action.

Since Mr Cameron was out of the country when he made the announcement, he first offered Mr Messham direct contact with the current Welsh secretary. At the moment it remains to be seen what role the devolved Welsh Assembly would play in any new enquiry. The BBC has the story here.

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