Review: CSI Vegas “Genetic Disorder” (2012, US)

“Genetic Disorder” might be a new season episode but the writers have taken “If These Walls Could Talk,” changed the age and gender of the sole killer and the second case turns out to be hidden or cold whilst someone close to one of the team becomes a suspect due to the evidence. There’s also some fluff and padding about genealogy that’s meant to be the comic relief.

So if you’ve watched that season 1 episode you already know how this ends. Like Bittersweet we have another abuse reveal only at the end and it falls flat just like the earlier season 12 episode. UK viewers are in the middle of this most recent season to date but if the writers are recycling old episodes and making them worse and aren’t worried about how abuse is portrayed compared to the first ten years of CSI then maybe they shouldn’t bother tackling the subject again before the show finishes permanently.


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