Link – Why I Write About Depression

I think Chris Brogan provides an interesting perspective on why we talk about depression.

“I Want Depression to Be Seen as Normal

Not “normal” like “hey, everything’s okay!” but more normal like “this is just a thing. Some people have it AND they do other stuff.”

I want companies and employees and customers and friends and random people who find out that you are dealing with depression that it’s kind of like saying you have diabetes or something similar. Yes, you need meds sometimes. You always need to adjust your lifestyle after you find out you’ve got it (like depression). And finally, it’s not allowed to be used as an excuse.”

Since way back in 2001, when I started this blog, I’ve always thought this was important, to show people who have survived child abuse, or are dealing with mental health issues as just that, people. People you work besides, order coffee from, sit next to on the train, are related to, and interact with on an everyday basis. Not people who are weak, or damaged beyond all hope, or who can’t “just get over it”, people who have to do what they need to for themselves, just like someone who takes medication for diabetes, as Chris describes.

We aren’t freaks, we are human.

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