Welsh Care Home CSA Survivor Expanded Interview

Stephen Meesham survived years of abuse in children’s care homes in Wales and already testified to these events before. What the public didn’t know at the time was that Meesham and other witnesses to the first set of public enquiries were censored and not allowed to discuss any acts of abuse that took place off-site from the homes nor name further offenders if they were not staff or directly connected to the homes. That changed this time when a second Conservative/Tory politician – still alive this time – was identified by Meesham as another one of the men that abused him at a hotel as well as in care.

Now Mr Meesham will name the politician to the police after BBC Newsnight, the show which was directed to drop its initial investigation into Jimmy Savile around the Christmas after the DJ’s death, trailed that they would name the living Tory politician until legal action was threatened. Since Mr Meesham was contacted by the police on Saturday 2nd November, we’ll keep you covered regarding their legal moves on this separate case. The Daily Mail interview is here. Keith Towler, Children’s Commissioner for Wales, also called for a new enquiry with an unlimited scope this time to examine that time period again. Channel 4 News reported that story on Sunday 4th November and the summary is here.

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