Abuse Excuse Fails as Double Killer Sentenced to Life Without Parole

Homeless drifter Stephen Farrow claimed to have been abused by an Anglican priest as child, which fed his hatred of religion. In addition to various violent acts during his youth, his actions finally culminated in the stabbing murders of another priest, Rev. John Suddards, and 77 year old Betty White.

We don’t call it Life without parole in England but that’s precisely what Farrow received after initially denying the killings – despite leaving further written threats to the owners of another house that was burgled in the same village where the victims were killed. The judge told Farrow he would never be released. In the same week where the highest profile survivor of Welsh care home abuse is going over the past all over again in an effort to get justice, using child abuse as an excuse for anything, let alone murder, is thankfully the kind of cop-out that this English judge dismissed rather than accepting as gospel.

The BBC has the story here and there’s the usual historic story crawl at the bottom of the page.

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