Link – Newton Woman Who Had Sex With Teen Won’t Go to Prison

“This week, Kaiser took a plea deal that will keep her out of prison, but she will be on probation for two years and on the sex offender registry for life. She faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Jasper County Attorney Mike Jacobson refused to answer any of our questions on camera, but off camera he tells us he believes the outcome is fair. He says in this case the sex was consensual and that Kaiser just made a stupid mistake.”

Now, reverse the sexes, and imagine a 21 year old male with a 14 year old girl, and the prosecutor referring to it as “consensual”, and just a “mistake”. This ridiculous double standard has to stop. This 14 year old boy has been neglected by his parents, used by an adult woman, and now ignored by the court system and a media outlet who simply refuse to acknowledge that he isn’t old enough to legally consent, therefore he was raped, his maleness is irrelevant.

Newton Woman Who Had Sex With Teen Won’t Go to Prison | whotv.com

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