Link – How Black Boys Suffer Sexual Abuse in Silence

Our media generally frames victims of sexual abuse as white and female. And the national discourse on the subject of molestation and rape is largely within a heteronormative paradigm. The concept of male-on-male child sexual abuse is seen as something that rarely happens; when it does, the perpetrator is often dismissed as a sexually deviant recluse.

The idea of mainstream, straight-identified men—prominent, successful ones, even—molesting young boys is still deemed an anomaly. That misconception may prove all the more confounding for young black boys in a society in which role models are hard to come by.

This is all true. As a white male, I see it. I can’t imagine how much more that goes for African-American men. Our culture refuses to see men as victims because they’re somehow afraid that will diminish the narrative of women as the victim, always. When a man is a victim, we just can’t fit that in, so we ignore it.

And this gets doubled if the abuser is a woman.

But, sexual abuse is sexual abuse. Gender and race don’t matter.

How Black Boys Suffer Sexual Abuse in Silence

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