Link – The problems of broadcasting mental illness

“My main apprehension about the release though, was that I became increasingly concerned that I’d followed a bad idea through. People are often very reluctant to talk about mental illness, often with what (to them at least) are legitimate reasons. Even if you do talk about it, there are many different takes on how you should do so. Was going further and actually broadcasting it, so anyone in the world could listen, something that could spectacularly backfire?”

Recently, I was talking to someone trying to comprehend what a loved one of theirs was dealing with, and we talked about how there’s nothing entertaining, or fun, about talking about mental illness, but there are so many people out there who need to have a conversation about it. If we don’t get comfortable having those conversations, these people will have nowhere to go, and will have a more difficult time healing if they can’t talk about it.

I’m glad some people are willing to have the conversations in public. Hopefully it can help more people have the conversation in their own network.

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