Link – Research Again Finds That Talk Therapy Can Change The Brain

In short, treatment can help, there is hope for you. You are not broken beyond repair.

“People who had received CBT showed structural changes in their brains, from the beginning to the end of the initial six months, whereas people in the medication-only group didn’t have the same changes. In particular, there was more neural connectivity between the amygdala, which governs fear and emotion in the brain, and areas in the prefrontal cortex that govern higher-order thinking and executive function. But what the study also found was that the stronger connectivity between the regions, the better people’s recovery was over the long term (eight years)—in other words, the brain changes that came from CBT were linked to people’s symptoms being significantly improved over the longer term. And this is in people who started out with the differences in brain structure that are linked to schizophrenia, which makes the results even more striking.”

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