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Link – Pathologizing the President Reinforces Mental Illness Stigma

I have to agree with George here. No matter what you may think of the President, making mental health diagnosis from media appearances and tweets is both dangerous, and demeaning to the many, many people dealing with mental health issues and still functioning well in their jobs.

“Duty to Warn” has signatures of 60,000 mental health professionals, none of whom have assessed the president, on a petition calling for Trump’s removal due to “serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.” To take the petition at it’s word, it is not any deviant acts that disqualify Trump, but the mere fact that the undersigned believe he has a mental illness, and that alone disqualifies him. Many responsible people have serious mental illness that they manage and they function very well. But they still have a serious mental illness. Would these doctors disqualify this group of patients from doing their jobs?

Every one of the signatories of this petition has saddled the seriously mentally ill with the question of what duties, if any, they each are able to discharge. Hold a job? Raise a family? Lead? To be so cavalier in diagnosing and dismissing an individual they have never examined can only lead those who have been properly assessed to question their diagnoses from these doctors and therapists so willing to call for the ouster of a President with no actual diagnosis. What about the teacher, accountant, or truck driver who actually does reach out for treatment? Can a corporate executive or congressman be removed from their job because someone with a degree who they’ve never met has the gall to simply declare them mentally ill?”

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