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Link – Moving Forward in Anxiety Recovery: A Setback Isn’t Defeat

It’s important to not attach meaning to something that isn’t true, like a setback –

“When you’re sailing along on the waves of progress and the wind comes up and blows you back in the other direction, it’s known as a setback. “Setback” has numerous synonyms such as difficulty, stumbling block, hurdle, obstruction, glitch, and delay. Each of those words connotes going backward with the implication that forward motion will resume. Words that aren’t synonymous with “setback” include apocalypse, catastrophe, doomsday, or end-of-the-world.”

Yes, sometimes when we try to move forward, we end up not being able to, or we end up falling. That isn’t the end of the world, it’s actually pretty much expected. No one recovers perfectly every step of the way. Don’t expect that you will.

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