Link – How To Support A Family Member With A Mental Illness

This one should be obvious, but I also think it’s first on this list for a reason, it’s the one we all fall victim to

“1. Stop trying to find an immediate solution”

There probably isn’t one. If it was that easy, no one would struggle with mental health the way we do.

Also on the list, take care of yourself, and encourage them to help themselves. I like both of those because they reiterate that we cannot be the end all be all of another person’s support system. It’s of no use to give up your own life completely to try and help a family member, only to end up lost ourselves. There needs to be a balance, and ultimately, we are all only responsible for ourselves, even those who are dealing with mental health struggles. Recovery and healing only works if we help ourselves along the way as well as getting help where needed.

You can play a key role in helping a loved one, but it will never be as key as the role they play themselves. Help them see that, help get them to the point where they can do the work, and support them through that, but don’t try and “fix” it yourself. That’s not how mental health works.

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