Link – How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

This article not only identifies the problem, but also has a bunch of really good, practical advice, for employers on how to support employee’s mental health.

“One of the best ways to create a culture that supports mental health is to ensure people experience their jobs in a meaningful and purposeful way. This can be achieved by giving employees autonomy and resources. If your team experiences support and independence, and that you trust them to do what they ought to do, they will generally be happier at work, which will reduce the risk of mental health problems,” said Tomas.

“It’s also important that managers do not check out from their employees. People need guidance and direction from a leader so the worst thing you can do is disappear or be unapproachable; in fact, the worst and most stressful type of leaders are absent – leaving their employees without direction or feedback, and showing little concern and consideration for their staff. This harms morale and well-being,” according to Tomas.”

Go read the whole thing for things you can start to do, right now to both increase awareness and support employees.

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