Link – Signs of Mental Struggle Get Missed Because of Stigma

I identify with what Laura is talking about in this article, especially on irritability being a sign of depression that we often miss. I am one of those people who gets really, really irritable when my depression is lurking around. I’m not exactly fun either –

“Speaking personally (although I imagine others feel the same), compassion and empathy would go a long way here. Instead, I’ve been labeled mean, rude, cold, and emotionless. Not once has someone asked, “Are you okay?””

This is tough, even from my own sense of identifying what is happening within my own brain. Yes, I know that being very irritable is a precursor for me, and a definite sign that I need to identify what is going on and practice some self-care. But, let’s face it, life can be pretty irritating even when I’m not flirting with depression.
Seriously, I work with lawyers every day. You might know that some of them, on occasion, can be pretty irritating. It’s important for me to step back and look at the situation and ask myself the very important question.

“Am I irritated because this person/situation is irritating and this is a normal response, or am I overreacting and feeling irritated more than normal because of me”.

Or, am I just hungry? (My wife can testify, it’s a thing for me.)

If you see a friend or loved one getting irritable, you might ask the same question, instead of running the other way. They may not be OK. Depression isn’t always cute.

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