Story Teller Not With Balloons

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Quite honestly, what Nathan writes here is true for everyone who is writing about mental health, or as a survivor.

Sharing my story has been worthwhile in many ways, but there’s no denying that there’s a sense of exposure and vulnerability that accompanies it. The more open I’ve been, the more I’ve felt this way.

I love for people to be able to tell their stories. I think it’s vital to helping others feel less isolated. But, it’s not easy and it may not even be for everyone. Being public, writing about your struggles online, etc. brings risk with it. It can be massively rewarding, and it has been for me over all these years, but there are very real risks. We shouldn’t ignore those, and those of us who are out in public shouldn’t minimize them to anyone who is still considering telling their story in public.

Sadly, as long as there is stigma, there will be these risks. That’s why telling our stories, and trying to combat the stigma are priorities. It shouldn’t hurt you to be truthful.

Until we get there though, here’s to the people dealing in silence, unable to share their stories. We see you.

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