Link – Researcher: Mental health issues often progress after brain injury

This is important research, not just to help us understand what happens during relatively mild brain injuries, but to eventually find better ways to treat the mental health issues when it’s being caused by some sort of physical injury to the brain and not responding to typical treatments like talk therapy, etc.

““The study has found that when you follow the same patient over time, those with combat head injuries – and these are the mild concussions, the supposed to be shake-them-off-and-walk-away ones – that a disproportionate number of those individuals have worsening of symptoms that progresses even after one year.

“When we look at the one-year to five-year follow-ups, we actually see a disproportional number of those concussion patients getting worse.””

We can’t treat what we don’t understand, and with so many people not just in the military, but in sports and every day life, dealing with minor brain injuries, the quicker we can understand this, the better!

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