Link – Just 16% of survivors of child abuse feel needs met by mental health services

The number is startling, but we also have to acknowledge that it shouldn’t be surprising. We already know that the stigma associated with coming forward prevents many survivors from even talking about their abuse until years later, and that they pay a heavy mental health price during those years in general. We also know the UK is not alone is simply not having appropriate resources to deal with mental health in general:

“Survivors said mental health services were one of the most important forms of support, but just 16% told the inquiry that the NHS’s provision met their needs.

It found that survivors wait an average of 26 years to disclose abuse, with 90% finding that the abuse has negatively impacted their intimate relationships.

Nine in 10 said their mental health was affected by their experiences, while 81% reported that their family life had been negatively impacted by the abuse they suffered.”

And while it would be easy to pick on the UK for these results, at least they did the work to find out, and listen to survivors. Do you think the results would be any different in the US or most other countries.

Now that the UK have these results though, it is time to see how they act on it.

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