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Sharing – Creating a Self-Care Plan to Survive Stressful Times

This is, undoubtedly true for women, but I would add that for men, we have been taught that achievement and professional success matter, not self-care, and thus the lessons in the article are equally true.

A lot of women feel guilty about a self-care plan — we have been taught to put others first. But, there’s a cost to your emotional and physical health when you do this. When you put everyone else first, your mind feels cluttered.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for having a super self-care plan, and you shouldn’t be around people who make you feel guilty about it. Self-care may sound unproductive, but a self-care plan will actually make you more productive.

Everyone’s definition of self-care is going to be slightly different. My plan, the things I do to get through this uncertain times, might not make much sense to you. Going hiking in a swamp area with my camera, spending some time alone, having multiple interests that I try and stay educated on, etc. Those work for me, they may not be what works for you.

Something, however, does work for each of us, and we should feel free to do it, not as a replacement for the things we all need to be responsible for, but as a way to help do those things at our best.


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