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Sharing – My Life With Mental Health Issues

I was going to share this article without comment, but I also realized that I really, really, want you to read Johnnie’s last two paragraphs, because this is vital:

“I believe today, there are many among us who have recovered from mental health issues and yet no one knows their story. We all want to be liked, loved and even respected. The paralyzing fear of stigma stifles us and keeps most of us quiet. Therefore, what the world usually sees of bipolar disorder, PTSD or addictions are the people who are still struggling, maybe without help or needed medications, and so the truth of how many of us have successfully recovered and moved on is not generally seen.

So, if you are one who has recovered or is on the road to recovery from any of these issues, I encourage you to speak up and let others know that recovery is possible. Let’s give them some hope. You do not have to become a speaker, write a book, or an article.  There are less public ways you can let others know you and your story.  Also, if you are still struggling, please find a safe place to be heard and receive help. “

The opposite of stigma is openness. How can we be more open, and spark more conversations about mental health?


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