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Sharing – Good Vibes Only? You Can’t Think Yourself Out of Depression

Personally, I see it all the time on social media, and other places, this infatuation with the “law of attraction”, and how it is often used to hurt people, as Mahevash describes in the post below:

“The law itself is not problematic as such; it’s the way people misuse it. The popular misinterpretation is that since you are what you think, you are responsible for your less-than-ideal reality. To me, that sounds a lot like victim-blaming. If people had just learned to ignore negativity and focus on attracting “good vibes only,” they would not be depressed. This logic (or lack of it) is applied to other issues like poverty, unemployment, racism, misogyny, and so on. “

This is so very toxic, to imply to people suffering from a disease, of any kind, or who’ve been the victim of a crime, or live in poverty, that their situation is really a result of not being positive enough? Really? Is that the best you can do?

You’re not being kind, you are blaming people for a ton of things that are completely beyond their control, because your own identify is tied to a world-view that has no explanation for suffering beyond “welp, guess you failed at being positive”.

That’s not a world-view, that’s a privileged, self-centered, view.

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